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Anything's a Snack

While Baobao works on her secret famous food show, the twins travel to high-tech Singapore where they meet a state of the art robot dog and its overzealous inventor.

Very Good Monster

While the twins brave their big, dark house alone on a spooky Halloween night, Nai Nai and Dadi Masi have an adventure of their own in Sri Lanka.

Tales of Nai Nai

Spooky Noodles

The twins don't like Nai Nai's far fetched stories that always end in chaos or doom, but when their friend Hui needs their help, Nai Nai's stories begin to make sense.


Barefoot Bandits

Assault on Prefab 1B

It's Dads' Night at Ngaro School, but instead of a nice parent-teacher chat, they find themselves trapped by their square-eyed, mesmerised kids!

Tumeke Space

Chip & Diplomacy

While obtaining party supplies for the gelatinous would-be gangsta rapper G-Wibble, Tumeke gets stuck in an electromagnetic asteroid field with his old nemesis The Pink Menace.

The Drawing Show


A leaky roof leads to leaky noses as the crew battle colds. Great Eraser draws something to keep them dry.


Feet are notoriously tricky to draw, so, much to Carol's disgust, Penny breaks down the steps to drawing a rather large foot.

Taoihi Gods

Purifying Winds

Tawhiri feels unappreciated, leading to a rough week for the crew.

Not available for viewing yet.

Pipi Ma


The crew spot eels one night, but not on the next trip. Why is that?

Not available for viewing yet.

I storyboarded this award winning animation by Mukpuddy Studios (in conjunction with artist Caspar Babypants). The award was won at the 2019 Chromacon festival.


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