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Storyboarder at MUKPUDDY

Since 2019


Bruce Carter

Director, UPPER CITY Ltd

"Roisin Kelly was employed on a fixed term contract by UPPER CITY LTD as a junior Story Artist. Her primary duties were to clean up storyboard panels for an animated episodic television series. She brought enthusiasm, an obvious ability to draw and a desire to learn — all great qualities.


Roisin fitted well into the Story team and quickly became a well liked and respected member of it."

Laban Dickinson

Creative Director at Flux Animation Studio

"Roisin joined Flux in September 2016, and was employed in the role of Concept Artist Contractor and generalist.


From the start we were impressed with her diligence, work ethic and all round talent. As a concept artist Roisin has always taken instruction from Directors well, also able to take the initiative and work independently when required.


We have always found Roisin to be punctual and a happy, popular team member, she has always worked hard to deliver projects to the highest possible standard. Roisin left Flux in October 2016 under unforeseen circumstances and goes with our best wishes for the future."


Storyboarding and Concept Art

  • Currently working full time as a Storyboard Artist for MUKPUDDY

  • Three months storyboarding for TOYBOX

  • Two months concept art, background art and animation for Flux Animation Studios.

  • Storyboarding and animatic for MUKPUDDY Animation Studios

  • Background painting for YUKFOO

  • Storyboarding for Thievery Studios vis–à–vis Pandora Commercial

  • Storyboarding for the NZ Short Film 'Amelia Speaking', by Sydney-anne Martin.

  • Title sequence, storyboarding and animation for a NZ children’s TV show ‘Reset,’ (Girl Viking Productions) which has just aired. I also worked on the set as part of the Art Department.

  • Storyboarding and concept art for stop motion short ‘Water for Gold.’

  • Storyboarding, graphic design and art department work for NZ short film ‘Land of the Taniwha’ by Aidan Dickens.

  • Storyboarding and concept art for the short film ‘Anzac,’ directed by Matthew Dawson

  • Concept art for NZ stop motion short film 'Halfway to Tomorrow.'

  • Character concept designs, graphic design and more for Adele Gannaway of DELSKE Creative

  • Concept art, character design, 3D modelling and 3D texturing for Imersia.


  • Medical illustration for Peter Charlesworth, Director of the Advanced Clinical Skills Centre at the Auckland University Department of Surgery

  • Design and Illustration of diagrams and figures for a thesis by Dr Patrick Kelly FRACP.

  • Design and Illustration of diagrams and figures for a thesis by Dr Hussain Alyami

  • Illustration of Core Principles for Carmel College

  • Medical illustration for DSAC (Doctors For Sexual Abuse Care)

  • Jacket illustration for ‘Sunny Turner and the Deadly Bite’ by Libby Whittaker.

Animation and Motion Graphics

  • Motion graphics for Cinco Cine Studios

  • Animation and Motion Graphics for Pead PR

  • Inbetweening animation for an advertisement for the American company ‘Bear Blend.’

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